April 19, 2011 Eye Robot

Imagine your world without sight. What would it be like if you could not see? The artificial cochlea is a renowned Australian invention bringing some hearing to those who would be deaf as well as growing into a successful industry. The challenge is now to repeat this for the eye, but it is hugely complicated. Dr Chris McCarthy from NICTA and Dr Brendan O'Brien ANU are collaborating on the bionic eye. You may have seen this project on the ABC Catalyst program recently. Interview by Rod with special guests Erin, Luke, Simon and Alison along for the ride.

February 7, 2013 Eye Robot

What does it take to make a computer see? Something we humans do. Dogs and cats, and even flies do it. But it's not a trivial job. Guest today is Dr Stephen Gould, AI researcher ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science.  And we're delighted to welcome back David Dufty, who wrote the amazing story of the Philip K Dick Android. Interview by Rod