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This week, Andy is talking with the many wonderful people running events in an around Canberra for National Science Week 2019. 

Find events near you here: https://www.scienceweek.net.au/

This week, Broderick takes a step back 50 years and shares the news of July 1969. Relive the hype and the mystery that surrounded the space race and the Apollo 11 mission.

Today on Fuzzy Logic we look at how the first Australian's arrived and Broderick delves into the world of animals and accents.

Episode originally aired on 23 June, 2019.

Mixed bag

This week, Broderick brings you a mixed bag of science news from the week that has just gone.

Episode originally broadcast on June 16, 2019

Here's a quick quizz: what's the dominant form of life of Earth?  Humans...dinosaurs...insects?

None of the above! If you consider the entire lifespan of our planet, the creatures that have spanned the longest are stromatolites. Not only are they are the earliest fossil evidence of life, their time here far outlasts other forms of life. Plus they released vast quantities of oxygen into the atmosphere - which enabled life such as you and I.

Hamelin Station is operated by Australian Bush Heritage to conserve this precious landscape on the edge of the World Heritage area.

Michelle and Ken Judd are the station managers talk to Rod about what it means to run a place like this.

Pint of Science

This week Broderick talks to some of the Canberra speakers from Pint of Science 2019. Guest scientists include Belinda Wilson, Dr Jason Sharples, Dr Fiona Panther and Dr Rose Ahlfeldt.

This episode originally aired on May 19, 2019

Sometimes it feels like science is a constant in our lives. The facts are facts and that's the way it is. But that isn't always the case. Today Broderick talks about how science has changed with new information and new discoveries over the years.

This episode originally aired on March 24, 2019

This episode originally broadcast on St Patrick's Day- hence the green theme! Broderick discusses Irish science and then delves into the world of colour to understand what it means to be green!

One of Australia's most loved animals is the platypus. They are more common than you might imagine because they're fairly shy. But if you look they're you can see them, even in unexpected places.

Geoff Williams is a self confessed platypus enthusiast from the Australian Platypus Conservancy.

With some citiizen science you can help monitor the numbers of this wonderful creature. www.platypus.asn.au

Interview by Rod

...as long as it's in the ground. We caught up briefly with Bob Brown at the Adani rally in Canberra today.

A chat more than an interview; by Rod

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