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The Pokémon Go craze is sweeping the world, but its success relies on some serious physics and chemistry. 

Why do you owe your Eevee to Einstein and his theory of relativity?

How did Volta and Galvani pioneer battery-powered devices like smart phones and Pokédexes?

Can Pokémon Go players help real life Professor Willows monitor animal populations?

We've got the answers for you! 

Brought to you by Siân (Team Valor), Jason (Team Mystic), and Eleanor (Team Instinct).

This episode also features interviews with Dr Dimitri Tolleter about his National Science Week event, Duality: A Life Outside The Lab, and with Vance Lawrence and Kate Lehane who are involved in organising SciScouts. Keep an ear out for Bridget and Adrian talking about what they're looking forward to at SciScouts too! 

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