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Fossil Thinking

History is littered with failed people and businesses who missed the trend. Sometimes it can be an entire country that fades when thinking becomes fossilised.

The governement of countries like Australia are buried in the fossil past, burning coal to for electricty, when the future has moved on. Today we look at a future that makes sense for the economy and the environment.

In this episode we get our hands on a model thermal solar power station, with Dr Stephen Bygrave, CEO Beyond Zero Emissions, Jodie Green, and Martin Powell. Hosted by Rod.

Join us for a live event next week during National Science Week, at the Shine Dome in Canberra. We still have some tickets available for Can Science Save Humanity.

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With the release of Jurassic World recently in cinemas we talk about whether after 22 years of science since the first release of Jurassic Park, we are any closer to it becoming a reality.

Why stop at Dinosaurs, what other cool animals can we bring back from extinction? What about Woolly Mammoths, the Tasmanian Tiger or Sabre-toothed cats?

We discuss this and more in this very fun episode of the Fuzzy Logic podcast and also talk about how we can avoid more animals and wildlife from becoming extinct in the future and some awesome campaigns currently in train to stop this from happening, including Canberra's very own Bettong Bungalow.

This episode is brought you by Ian and Eleanor.

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It's It's a Ballroom Bioblitz.....In this episode of the Fuzzy Logic Science Show we talk about being a citizen scientist and how the Atlas Of Living Australia can make anyone around Australia a scientist in their own right, from kids to adults. Who knows you may even identify your very own new species.

Joining the host Ian in the studio is the Atlas of Living Australia Communication Advisor Minky Faber and Canberra Ecologist Dr Melissa Snape who give us more insight into this wonderful resource, how we can use it for fun and for research. Dr Snape also tells us about the recent Canberra Bioblitz of Black Mountain and just how fun and exciting nature observing can be - from tracking bats to seeing Bettongs hopping around at night.

This episode is brought to you by Ian McDonald

Find out more about the Atlas at www.ala.org.au (try it, you know you wanna)

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The Jesus Bolt

What was it that annoyed oil executives so much in 1956? That was the year when King Hubbert announced his findings, predicting the arrival of Peak Oil.

Nobody likes being told the good times won't go on forever, which is perhaps why that even after the peak has passed, it barely gets a mention.

Guest today is graphic novellist, Stuart McMillen, who tells rivetting story.
We also talked about the incredible story with Australia's fuel security, and our absent government.

Brought to you by Rod and Becca.

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How much fuel does Australia have in reserve if our supplies were blocked?
The answer is almost as staggering as the lack of political will to do something about it.

Today, we recorded Air Vice-Marshall John Blackburn AO (Retired) on the subject of Australia's fuel security. Courtesy Jenny Goldie, ACT Peak Oil.


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Animal Numbers

Your mission today is to manage a wildlife population. The animals are enclosed by urban development, and the dwindling land cannot sustain their numbers. You must do something or they will starve.

Nobody likes the idea of unnecessary suffering, but where we restrict animal range, and disrupt natural controls your options are limited.  In his PhD, Dr Ian McDonald attempted to find an oral vaccination that inhibits reproduction.

We also talk about a big snake. A really big snake, evolution, creationism, and spinning planets in the Solar System.

Brought to you by Ian and Rod

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Life on earth stretches back to around 3.8 billion years ago. How did primordial chemisty give rise to life, to bacteria, insects, birds, and the beings that appear on Fuzzy Logic?

A chemical conversation, full of life. Brought to you by Dr Charley Lineweaver, Eleanor Campbell chemistry PhD student, and Rod.

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This week Broderick and Joe talk to Professor Barbara Norman about planning for climate change and Katherine Schmutter about the acidification of our oceans.

Both speakers are a part of the upcoming marine science forum taking place in Merimbula, NSW on May 2 & 3.  For more details about the forum visit http://www.sapphirecoastdiscovery.com.au/research/annual-marine-science-forum-3/
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This week Broderick and Ian chat to Eddie about her discovery of two new peacock spider species. Listen to hear the adventures of the peacock spiders "Sparklemuffin" and "Skeletorus"!

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What has tying shoelaces got to do with anything? Try lacing your shoes from the wrong end, and you'll get a tiny glimpse of complexity. It's all around us, but it's so big we have to look away.

In today's Fuzzy Logic we look at some examples technology. Leggo robot projects to inspire kids. We found them clustered around, the robots whirring along a track at the NICTA TechFest. Doarama lets you relive a 3D experience, wearing stereo goggles. 

Sian and Hannah give us a heads-up on 3D printing and some exciting possibilities.

Brought to you by (the real) Sian, Hannah, and Rod.

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