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Science isn't just pretty pictures of cells and stars; it's a thing people do, and you can too.

In this episode of Fuzzy, Siân, Mitchell and Eleanor talk about the scientific method and how we can apply scientific thinking to our own everyday lives. 

Features porridge alchemy, the Saturn Hexagon, and a ride on the dinosaur train.

This episode originally aired on the 17th April 2016.


Are machines taking over? Or are they just plotting to ruin all our board game nights and become undefeatable Trivial Pursuit champions?  Phoebe and Broderick answer these hard-hitting questions and more as they explore the science, technology and ethics of artificial intelligence.

This episode was originally broadcast on 16 March, 2016.

Coral Bleaching

This episode Broderick takes a look at the worrying levels of coral bleaching and what it means for our Great Barrier Reef.  We also take a look at the latest in dinosaur news, allergy treatments and fingerprints in your skull.


Today we step outside our usual science to meet a rising figure in the Australian Labor party.  Why would someone subject themelves to the brutal world of politics? We dicuss social capital, and the limits to growth. Is growth really what we need, and at what point to we say 'enough'?

Dr Andrew Leigh is Shadow Assistant Treasurer and Federal Member for Fraser in the ACT.

Interview by Rod, who discloses personal affiliations at the start of this interview.


In this pun-filled episode, Mitchell and Eleanor talk eggs. What are they? Where do they come from? Why are they egg-shaped? Does anyone truly know the answers to these questions?? 

Yes, they do, and you will too if you tune in.

Features echidna custard, broody octopuses, and the funkiest podcast outro ever conceived. 

Today's Fuzzy Logic is dedicated to Mary Anning, the remarkable woman who made a deep contribution to the emerging science of paleontology during the early 1800s.  In spite of the bias of her time, Anning was widely respected and consulted by the great thinkers, and her work helped shape our modern understanding of evolution.

Brought to you by Rod, and Phil Hore from the National Dinosaur Museum.

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....down down. So goes the lyrics in today's Jimi Hendrix music break. It's hard to imagine what an aweful sight it would be to see your house burning.

And spare a thought for the fireys. They take risks to save you and your property. To protect themselves, they wear 23 kg of gear. Add hoses and other equipment, and they could be carrying 50 kg. They're phsyically active. It's hot. There's a fire.

Our expert guest today is Dr Anthony Walker, thermal phsyiologist University of Canberra, and a member of ACT Fire & Rescue. His research looks into managing heat stress among fire fighters.  We also talk about long term chronic effects, including PTSD.

Interview by Rod

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What makes us think? What makes us aware? What makes us alive?  They say "cogito ergo sum"; I think, therefore I am.  But is it that simple?
In this weeks episode, Phoebe and Broderick are joined by Alyce to get deep and mix a little philosophy with science as they discuss consciousness.



Why is pain good for you? This week Broderick and Phoebe are joined by special guest paramedic Liam to discuss the good, bad and ugly sides of pain. There's even an ice bucket challenge between Broderick and Phoebe to see who can withstand the most pain.  Listen in to see who is the ultimate pain master!

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Rod spent the morning spreading ant poison in his brand new shed and got to wondering about the chemicals killing his crawling critters. Could they be doing him some harm too? Luckily, we had Associate Professor Colin Jackson from the Research School of Chemistry at ANU in the studio to answer his questions. 

Tune in to learn about Colin's research into neurotransmitter sensors and insecticide resistance.
Hosted by Eleanor, who sometimes dreams about hedgehogs. (It's relevant, I promise.)
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