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This week on Fuzzy Logic, Phoebe and Broderick talk about sleep!  Don't hit the snooze button, listen in as they discuss how much sleep we really need and what happens to your sleep when you live in a cave.  Open your eyes wide and listen in- no yawning!

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Today we have a bit of history, a bit of salt. Where did that Ah Harrrrr pirate voice come from?
Going to sea on a long voyage is a serious undertaking. How did they do it? Lots of things have to go well if you don't want a journey to the bottom, or be stranded on a hostile shore.

Then we have a look at problems faced by our poor beloved wombats. We'll bring you more in a future Fuzzy, but meanwhile, visit http://www.sleepyburrows.com.au/ Our whiskery nosed friends need help.

Brought to you by Phil and Rod.

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Today on Fuzzy Logic, Phoebe and Broderick talk the nasal outbursts commonly known as sneezes.

Why do we sneeze? Broderick discusses why hay fever makes him sneeze, while Phoebe discovers why bright lights make her sneeze. Tune in and bring a tissue or two!

Bless you!

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With population growth, global warming, and resource depletion, humanity faces a perilous situation. Our question today, is - can science save us?

During National Science Week, Rod Taylor hosted a panel of prominent Australians, who spoke passionately about what we can do.

Join Professor Will Steffan, Professor Hillary Bambrick, fomer Govenor General Michael Jeffery, Dr Stephen Bygrave, and Professor Clive Hamilton for this thought provoking conversation.

Recorded at the Australian Academy of Science, 23 August.

Fuzzy Logic is grateful for the support of National Science Week for this event.

Read our companion article in the SMH.

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On this week's episode, Kate and Broderick discuss the winners of this years Nobel prizes and the Ig-Nobel prizes.  It's a mix of science that's world class, science that makes you laugh and science that makes you think.

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The cochlear implant and related hearing technology have made Australia world leaders. Not only in earning a profit, but helping people with hearing loss.
How do they make their ideas work, and how did they turn them into a successful business?

Peter Blamey is one of the pioneers of the cochlear implant, before becoming co-founder of Blamey and Saunders Hears.
If you know someone who might have hearing loss, we recommend the Speach Perception Test on the link above.

In this interview, Peter tells us what happened when they first switched on the implant of one cochlear recipient.

Interview by Rod, who has impaired hearing. You can read his story in the Big Issue.

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Australia's hot dry center was once an ocean paradise for creatures great and small. In this episode of the Fuzzy Logic Science Show, Eleanor is joined in the studio by Mitchell Seymour and Phil Hore, both from the National Dinosaur Museum, to talk about the ancient Eromanga Sea and the incredible beasts that called it home, including the recently published Lightning Claw; Australia's largest carnivore. 

Featuring cameos from Eric the Opalised Pliosaur, some prepubescent starfish, the Loch Ness Monster, and the Demon Duck of Doom. 
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Fossil Thinking

History is littered with failed people and businesses who missed the trend. Sometimes it can be an entire country that fades when thinking becomes fossilised.

The governement of countries like Australia are buried in the fossil past, burning coal to for electricty, when the future has moved on. Today we look at a future that makes sense for the economy and the environment.

In this episode we get our hands on a model thermal solar power station, with Dr Stephen Bygrave, CEO Beyond Zero Emissions, Jodie Green, and Martin Powell. Hosted by Rod.

Join us for a live event next week during National Science Week, at the Shine Dome in Canberra. We still have some tickets available for Can Science Save Humanity.

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With the release of Jurassic World recently in cinemas we talk about whether after 22 years of science since the first release of Jurassic Park, we are any closer to it becoming a reality.

Why stop at Dinosaurs, what other cool animals can we bring back from extinction? What about Woolly Mammoths, the Tasmanian Tiger or Sabre-toothed cats?

We discuss this and more in this very fun episode of the Fuzzy Logic podcast and also talk about how we can avoid more animals and wildlife from becoming extinct in the future and some awesome campaigns currently in train to stop this from happening, including Canberra's very own Bettong Bungalow.

This episode is brought you by Ian and Eleanor.

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It's It's a Ballroom Bioblitz.....In this episode of the Fuzzy Logic Science Show we talk about being a citizen scientist and how the Atlas Of Living Australia can make anyone around Australia a scientist in their own right, from kids to adults. Who knows you may even identify your very own new species.

Joining the host Ian in the studio is the Atlas of Living Australia Communication Advisor Minky Faber and Canberra Ecologist Dr Melissa Snape who give us more insight into this wonderful resource, how we can use it for fun and for research. Dr Snape also tells us about the recent Canberra Bioblitz of Black Mountain and just how fun and exciting nature observing can be - from tracking bats to seeing Bettongs hopping around at night.

This episode is brought to you by Ian McDonald

Find out more about the Atlas at www.ala.org.au (try it, you know you wanna)

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