October 13, 2013 Fast Burn

It seems the first priority of every government is to light the fire under economic growth. This means extracting as much as we can from what we always imagined as being an infinite planet. But where is this leading us?

We bring you interviews from the 2013 Fenner Conference held at the Shine Dome in Canberra.

Dr Jane O'Sullivan's research has challenged beliefs about the 'demographic transition', the impact of ageing on workforce and the '3Ps' of population, participation and productivity. She is most widely recognised for quantifying the infrastructure cost of population growth rate.

Dr Haydn Washington  is the author of Climate Change Denial: Heads in the Sand (2011) and Human Dependence on Nature (2013). He is keenly interested in why societies deny environmental problems.

Dr Simon Michaux is a consultant in the mining industry, with a strong interest in industrial sustainability.

Dr Michael Lardelli  has been active in spreading awareness of peak oil since 2004 and worked with Prof. Kjell Aleklett to produce the English version of his book, Peeking at Peak Oil published in 2012.

Thanks to Jenny Goldie from Sustainable Population Australia
Interviews by Rod  (Twitter @SciRod)