September 23, 2012 The End of Growth

Can the world continue growing forever? Not according to Richard Heinberg, who says we have reached the limits of cheap oil and other commodities. Then there's debt which has become a proxy for genuine productivity. We are, in effect, printing money to maintain the pretence. Pile climate change on top of that, and we face a nasty brew that means we business as usual cannot continue. Richard Heinberg is Author of ten books, including The Party’s Over, Peak Everything, and The End of Growth. Stay tuned; we'll be broadcasting for our interview with Richard in the next few weeks. Recorded at the ANU, 21 Sept. Fuzzy on Facebook. If you found this interview interesting, you might like to also visit Doing It Ourselves where you'll find an excellent video. Stay tuned for an interview we'll be doing with Theodore Kitchener from this group.